My Favorite Booktubers!

I enjoy watching booktube videos a lot. If I’m not reading, you’ll most probably find me in front of my computer watching people talk about, well, books. 

So here’s a list of my favorite booktubers!

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A VERY late June Wrap Up, my reading slump, and August TBR

It’s almost the end of July, I know. My computer and cell phone got broken so for the past two months I wasn’t able to visit my blog and write. But they’re fixed now so here I am again!

June is not… a really good reading month for me.

I had high expectations with every book I’ll be mentioning in this wrap up. And to tell you the truth, all of them disappointed me.

A lot.

I mean, I don’t hate all of them, I liked some of them in fact. But that’s it. I liked them. I didn’t loved them or anything grand. They didn’t ate my whole body and soul like the way I expected them too.Read More »

April Wrap Up and May TBR | 2017

I should have posted this yesterday but procrastination at its finest.

Vacation started last April, while others are enjoying themselves in the beach I’m inside my house chilling with a book and a cup of warm coffee (even though it’s like 40 degrees here in ph). Most of my classmates are travelling, me on the other hand is reading. But travelling and reading is kind of the same thing right? Read More »