First Blogiversary | Sharing My “Blogging Journey”



It has been exactly a year ever since I published my first post. It has been exactly a year ever since I decided to pursue this crazy idea to start a book blog.It has been exactly a year and OH MY GOD I’M STILL HERE.

Hey there! ✨✨✨

As you can tell today geniereads is celebrating its very first blogiversary! I know so exciting right? Such a milestone! Lol, but seriously I would have never thought that I’ll make it this far. I don’t know if my “blogging journey” or basically my experience is that interesting but that’s what I’m going to share to you today.

So here’s some virtual cookies 🍪🍪🍪, sit back and let’s start this story from…

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April Wrap Up and May TBR

I should have posted this yesterday but procrastination at its finest.

Vacation started last April, while others are enjoying themselves in the beach I’m inside my house chilling with a book and a cup of warm coffee (even though it’s like 40 degrees here in ph). Most of my classmates are travelling, me on the other hand is reading. But travelling and reading is kind of the same thing right? Read More »